54-2nd Generation GPS Tracker from LandAirSea


The 54 is the latest live data-streaming GPS Tracker. This state-of-the-art tracking device is compact, completely waterproof, and about the size of a small roll of scotch tape.

The compact size and powerful magnet makes this device perfect for discreetly monitoring fleet vehicles, personal vehicles or anything else that moves!


The number one complaint we had with our battery powered GPS units was the battery life. It just didn’t last long enough to be effective or efficient.

That’s where the 54 Gen 2 comes in, powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, this device averages 7 days on a single charge! When the device is not in motion, it goes into “sleep mode” to conserve battery life, allowing for a much longer operational window than just one week. It all depends on the driving habits of the vehicle you are tracking, for example; if the vehicle you are tracking only drives on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the 54 Gen 2 could last over a month on a single charge!

“OK, but how accurate is it?”

We get this question a lot, and understandably so. some GPS units can only show you the general area, such as a city block or within a few hundred meters. That’s not good enough if you need to know EXACTLY where the vehicle is at, or if you need to see the exact route your vehicle took that day.

With the 54 Gen 2, you can pinpoint the location to within 3 meters!

“Won’t the device fall off if the car hits bump?”

A cheap knock-off might fall off the vehicle, but the 54 Gen 2 has a super powerful, industrial strength magnet that keeps the device secure no matter how rough the ride is!

“How do I see where my GPS tracker is at?”

Once you download the corresponding app, it’s as simple as opening the app and choosing which device you would like to view in the maps. The map interface is very similar to Google Maps, and is intuitive for users of all age and technical prowess.

If you need to track a vehicle or cargo, you can’t go wrong with the 54 Gen 2. It is the best GPS unit on the market today, get yours now!

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It has an extremely powerful internal magnet for easy placement and is powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that can last a week on average (depends on driving habits and tracking update frequency). Multiple tracking plans are available depending on your needs. Tracking updates range from 3 seconds to 1 minute. The LandAirSea 54 is also proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA.

Personal GPS for reliable tracking of people, vehicles, and/or assets
Ultra-compact design | 100% Waterproof | Built-in Super Strength Magnet
Attaches to vehicle | Fits in small pockets | Discretely hide in a backpack, case or purse
Track & map (with Google Maps) in realtime on web-based software or SilverCloud App
Text & email alerts | Geofencing | Vehicle Tracking | Location Reporting | Historical Playback