Bolt GPS Tracker


  • See where a car currently is & everywhere it’s been
  • View instantly from your iPhone, Android, & computer
  • Get notified by text or email about car activity
  • 60 second updates – watch it move in real time
  • Up to 120 days of battery life
  • Perfect accuracy – shows the exact locations


Portable, battery powered tracking device for multiple applications. Built in, powerful magnets for easy installation.

  • Installs in seconds with 3 strong built-in magnets
  • Long Battery Life – Rechargeable Battery – Up to 4 months!
  • Live GPS tracking with historical playback
  • Circular or custom drawn geo-fencing for alerting when the Bolt 4G enters or exits an area
  • Speed alerts for driver safety
  • Movement alerts let you know when your device is on the move and when it stops
  • Instant notifications for movement, geo-fences (zones), battery level, and speeding
  • Waterproof for harsh weather conditions and outdoor us


  • Accurate Real-Time GPS tracking.
  • IPhone and Android app available.
  • $25/mo with no contracts and no cancellation fees.
  • Real-Time monitoring of boats, RV’s, bikes, property and people.
  • Lasts up to 120 days on a single charge*.
  • Pinpoint accuracy within feet.

*Battery life dependent upon movement of unit.