WALL CLOCK HIDDEN CAMERA – This new designer clock is a completely self contained hidden camera, it has a built-in motion activated DVR, 1/3” SONY CCD camera image sensor for clear video. Best of all it also supports up to a 32 GB SD card allowing for days of recording. Combine this with its motion activation feature and you’re sure to only capture actual events, eliminating the possibility of sifting through hours of empty room footage.


Features: Functional wall clock, Memory full overwrite feature allows for continuous recording with no need to swap
out SD cards, SONY CCD camera, Remote control operation, Motion detection, Resolution: 520 TV Lines, Recording
time: 64 hours before filling up a 8GB SD card, Lux rating: 0.1 LUX, Diameter: 13”, Power supply:
DVR: 12 VAC, Clock: 1 AA Battery

Includes: Wall Clock, Remote control, Instruction Booklet, 2 AAA Batteries for remote control, 8 GB SD Card
(Supports up to 32 GB SD Card)

HC-WALLC5-DVR • Wall Clock Hidden Camera with Built-in DVR