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The PV-500L4i is the first P2P / IP enabled DVR that is compatible with CMOS and CCD analogue cameras!

The previous model, the PV-500L3 is a small and compact DVR that can be placed into a standard cigarette pack, which makes it great for covert recording. The DVR is a go to device when using LawMate analogue cameras like the BU-18 .

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The New PV-400L4i has maintained all the functions of the L3 DVR, however the touchscreen has been replaced by an IP connection, and a smartphone App. It allows you to connect to your Android or iOS device and set up, download or monitor the recordings from anywhere in the world – while still offering; high quality 720*576 recording resolution at 30 fps, timestamp, built-in AGC microphone, multiple recording modes, USB connection for charging, and ease of use.

The PV-500L4i is also compatible with:

LawMate HB-20 Handbag Camera
Lawmate NT-18 Tie Camera
Lawmate CM-TC10 Tie Clip Camera

PV-500L4i Main Features:

IP enabled DVR that can be controlled via PV-Cam App
Supports LawMate CMOS and CCD analogue cameras like the New BU-19
Small & lightweight with D1 video quality
Supports RF remote control PI-RF50
Recording modes: Standard & Motion Detection
Date & time stamp on video
Comes with 16 GB SD card and support up to 32 GB SD Cards

PV-500L4i Specifications:Wi-Fi Spec: Built-in Wi-Fi Module (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
Wi-Fi Protocol RSIP
Video Resolution: 720*480 / 720*576
Frame Rate: NTSC: 30fps / PAL: 25fps
Recording Mode: Standard / Motion Detection
File Format: MOV, JPG
Storage: SD Card (Supports up to 32 GB)
Camera Input: DC 5V Output at 2.5mm AV Input Jack
Date/Time Table: YYYY,MM,DD HH,MM,SS
Power Consumption: 450mA-500mA(Wi-Fi Off) / 510mA-560mA(Wi-Fi On)
Power: DC 3.7 V
Battery Life: Around 240 min recording with CMOS cam (Wi-Fi Off)
Battery Charging Time: BA-2200 – 4 hours
Compatible with battery: BA-4400 Extended battery, and 7200 mAh Lithium-ion Battery